Earn passively with our Gold bot

Earn passively with our Gold Bot under your own management! We help you from A to Z with the installation.

Cryptex Forex Bot

Under own management

Manage the Trading Bot yourself and keep all the profits for yourself!

Create an extra income source

Earn extra without wasting extra time or effort on it

24/7 Support

We help you with the installation. We are also always ready to help you create set files.

Trading Bot under your own management

  Do you want to manage the bot yourself? We guide you from A to Z

  Make as much profit as you want, after all, you manage the bot yourself!

  Grow your own portfolio and determine your own risk management


Do you want to manage our Trading Bot yourself? It brings many advantages, so you can keep all the winnings for yourself and you decide when you turn the bot on and off.


Under your own management

One-time payment

All profits are yours

24/7 Support

Ready-made tested files

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

~ Warren Buffet

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